Left midfield: Have your say

Left midfield: Have your say 
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Left midfield: Have your say

From the familiar face of FC Barcelona's Andrés Iniesta to the burgeoning impression of Gareth Bale, left midfield is another position where your vote is spoilt for choice. Iniesta has been his usual classy self throughout 2010 and added the small matter of a FIFA World Cup-winning goal to his CV, while Bale has burst on to the scene for Tottenham Hotspur FC in dramatic fashion.

Angel Di María is another to have made sizeable strides, hitting such standards with SL Benfica as to earn a summer move to Real Madrid CF. Florent Malouda's career might not be in its infancy but the France winger has enjoyed a new lease of life with Chelsea FC, picking up this season from where he left off in the last campaign. Or is it the enigmatic Antonio Cassano who has caught your eye? Give us your opinion here.

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