Are you UEFA’s ‘Next Generation’?

Our Senior Digital Media Manager Olivier Gaches explains what he’s looking for as we launch our latest broadcast and digital vacancies.


Olivier, this is the second batch of vacancies from your department in the last few weeks, can you explain what’s fuelling this expansion?

Yes, that's true, at the moment we’re continuing to expand the range of broadcast and digital services we offer to broadcasters – what we call our ‘next generations services’ (NGS). These NGS enable our broadcast partners to access significantly more of the content produced by UEFA at a stadium, across all platforms. We’ve always been at the forefront of digital innovation and this new investment is another step in that process – always changing, always evolving, always looking to the future.

How will these roles help you build for the future?

We’re looking for two key people at the moment, a Digital Broadcasting Product Manager and a Digital Broadcasting Solutions Manager

The first position essentially requires someone to drive the future of our digital broadcasting activities. So we’re looking for someone with a lot of experience in that environment, delivering innovative digital products and successfully managing a delivery chain - from concept phase to product launch. The right person would be comfortable managing a diverse portfolio of products or solutions across TV, the internet, mobile and social media and managing a variety of content, including video, data, graphics, live streaming services, apps and other mobile products.

And how about the second role?

The Digital Broadcasting Solutions Manager will take charge of our non-linear broadcast and digital production workflows and platforms. This is a crucial role – as we expand our offering, they’ll be responsible for making sure the journeys and pathways between these products and services work effortlessly and are seamlessly integrated. Just like the product manager role, you’ll need to be experienced – we’re looking for at least seven years, and similarly, we’re looking for someone who loves the team environment and has a proven history of managing their people to success.

Just finally Olivier, can you explain why you think this is a great time to be joining?

Well, beyond what I explained about how we’re increasing our services, I think timing-wise it also happens to be a perfect moment – we’re on the cusp of a new UEFA Champions League cycle (2018/2021) and for the first time ever - a UEFA EURO 2020 in 13 different cities across Europe. That means we have lots of great, exciting challenges ahead of us for the right people to come in and add their skills and expertise.


Find out more about these roles and apply here.