Club coefficients

How to read the ranking

The season association coefficient rankings are based on the results of each association's clubs in the current UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League season. The rankings, combined with those of the four previous campaigns, determine the number of places allocated to each association (country) in the forthcoming UEFA club competitions.

Points system
1. Each team gets two points for a win and one point for a draw (points are halved for matches in the qualifying and play-off rounds).
2. Clubs that reach the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the UEFA Champions League, or the quarter-finals, semi-finals or final of the UEFA Europa League, are awarded an extra point for each round.
3. In addition, four points are awarded for participation in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and an extra four points for qualifying for the round of 16.

Coefficient calculation
The coefficient is calculated by working out an average score: dividing the total number of points obtained, by the total number of clubs representing an association in that season’s two club competitions.

These rankings will be updated after each round of UEFA club competition matches.

Association club coefficients

Last updated: 19/06/2018 10:56 CET

Club coefficients

ClubsPtsNA Contr.
1Real Madrid CFReal MadridESP162.00021.399
2Club Atlético de MadridAtléticoESP140.00021.399
3FC Bayern MünchenBayernGER135.00014.285
4FC BarcelonaBarcelonaESP132.00021.399
6Sevilla FCSevillaESP113.00021.399
7Paris Saint-GermainParisFRA109.00011.283
8Manchester City FCMan. CityENG100.00015.921
9Arsenal FCArsenalENG93.00015.921
10Borussia DortmundDortmundGER89.00014.285
Last updated: 25/10/2018 09:42 CET

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