Andreasen enjoys 'easy' OB winner

"I saw a little chance and I took it – it was quite easy actually," said Hans Henrik Andreasen after his opportunist goal gave Odense BK a 1-0 victory against a frustrated Villarreal CF.

"I saw a little chance and I took it – it was quite easy actually", said Hans Henrik Andreasen after his late strike gave Odense BK a 1-0 UEFA Champions League play-off first-leg win against Villarreal CF.

However, coach Henrik Clausen knows that even a repeat of their great defensive performance in the home leg may not be enough to get them through next Tuesday in Spain. His opposite number Juan Carlos Garrido admitted the mistake that led to Andreasen's opportunist strike "has left a bad taste in our mouths".

Henrik Clausen, OB coach
Of course it's a great night for us, for the players, for the town. I must say thanks to the spectators
. They were fantastic today and they carried us all the way. Villarreal are still favourites, but we have a chance and we will go for it next week. If we can deny them any chances in Spain, that'll be perfect. Perhaps they had too many chances today. We have to tell ourselves that we need a little luck, because we are playing a team that's on a higher level than we are.

Hans Henrik Andreasen, OB midfielder
We ran a lot of metres and were chasing the ball, so I was very happy to see the ball going in the net, and I knew that it would be victory for us today. I saw a little chance and I took it. I got the ball, dribbled when he thought I was taking a shot. It was quite easy actually.

Stefan Wessels, OB goalkeeper
The most important thing is that we kept a clean sheet. We worked very hard and stuck together, and that was the key to our win today. It's the last step to maybe qualify for the group stage. That was the first half of the work we have to do. It was a great atmosphere today and even better was that we worked hard and earned the result.

Juan Carlos Garrido, Villarreal coach
I see the tie as a whole in much the same way as before we started tonight's game. I knew it was going to be difficult because we were coming up against a team with a lot of strengths. What did surprise me, however, was that we failed to score as we created many chances. We did well enough to be leaving here with a better result. Towards the end we had an unfortunate moment and it has left a bad taste in our mouths. I am confident in my team's ability to turn this around at home but what tonight shows is that it is no easy thing to qualify for the Champions League.

Cani, Villarreal midfielder
It's true that we had many chances, and the normal thing would be that we would score some goals, but they didn't go in. Some were stopped by the goalkeeper, others didn't hit the net. Now we are going to play at our own ground, and that is always better for us. We will try to win with two goals. You never like to lose, and you always feel a little down, but for the game next Tuesday we will be fine.

Marco Ruben, Villarreal forward
The important thing is that we played well, and at home I'm sure we will score. We need to continue the same way and correct the small errors that we made which cost us a lot. We should be very optimistic and at home we will do better. This can be changed, and that's what we will do.