SeasonCompetitionStage reachedInfoPWDL
2018/19UEFA Champions LeagueGroup stageSee details10226
2017/18UEFA Europa LeagueRound of 32See details10280
2017/18UEFA Champions LeagueThird qualifying roundSee details2002
2016/17UEFA Europa LeagueThird qualifying roundSee details2011
2011/12UEFA Europa LeagueGroup stageSee details8215
2010/11UEFA Europa LeagueGroup stageSee details8323
2009/10UEFA Europa LeagueGroup stageSee details8215
2008/09UEFA CupSecond qualifying roundSee details2011
2007/08UEFA CupRound of 32See details8233
2007/08UEFA Champions LeagueThird qualifying roundSee details2002
2006/07UEFA CupRound of 32See details2002
2006/07UEFA Champions LeagueGroup stageSee details8422
2005/06UEFA CupFirst roundSee details2011
2004/05UEFA CupGroup stageSee details6114
2003/04UEFA Champions LeagueFirst group stageSee details8125
2002/03UEFA CupFourth roundSee details4211
2002/03UEFA Champions LeagueFirst group stageSee details8260
2001/02UEFA CupFourth roundSee details10622
2000/01UEFA CupFourth roundSee details8323
1999/00UEFA CupThird roundSee details6312
1999/00UEFA Champions LeagueThird qualifying roundSee details2011
1998/99UEFA CupFirst roundSee details4112
1997/98UEFA Cup Winners' CupQuarter-finals 6312
1996/97UEFA Cup Winners' CupQuarter-finals 6411
1995/96UEFA Cup Winners' CupSecond round 4112
1994/95UEFA Champions LeagueGroup stageSee details8224
1993/94UEFA Champions LeagueFirst roundSee details2011
1992/93UEFA Champions LeagueSecond roundSee details4121
1991/92UEFA CupThird roundSee details6321
1989/90European Champions Clubs' CupSecond roundSee details4112
1988/89UEFA CupFirst roundSee details2101
1986/87UEFA CupFirst roundSee details2002
1985/86UEFA CupFirst roundSee details2101
1983/84UEFA Cup Winners' CupFirst round 2101
1982/83UEFA CupFirst roundSee details2002
1979/80European Champions Clubs' CupFirst roundSee details2101
1978/79European Champions Clubs' CupSecond roundSee details4103
1977/78UEFA CupSecond roundSee details4112
1976/77UEFA CupSemi-finalsSee details10505
1975/76UEFA CupSecond roundSee details4211
1972/73UEFA CupSecond roundSee details4112
1971/72European Champions Clubs' CupFirst roundSee details2101
1968/69European Champions Clubs' CupQuarter-finalsSee details6222
1966/67UEFA Cup Winners' CupFirst round 2002
1964/65UEFA Cup Winners' CupPreliminary round 2101
1963/64European Champions Clubs' CupPreliminary roundSee details2011

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win in UEFA competition:
    09/08/2001, AEK 6-0 Grevenmacher, Athens
  • Biggest defeat in UEFA competition:
    18/09/1963, Monaco 7-2 AEK, Nice
  • Appearances in UEFA Champions League:  14
  • Appearances in UEFA Cup Winners' Cup:  6
  • Appearances in UEFA Europa League:  22
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 67
    Mihalis Kasapis ( Greece GRE)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 25
    Demis Nikolaidis ( Greece GRE)