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The UEFA Congress is UEFA's supreme controlling organ.

An Ordinary Congress is held every year. A second Ordinary Congress may be called by the Executive Committee to deal with financial matters and/or matters of particular significance.
Matters within its power include:
– receipt and consideration of the president's and Executive Committee's report, as well as the UEFA Administration's report;
– acknowledgement of the financial report and the auditors' report, approval of the general accounts and budget;
– election of the UEFA president;
– election of Executive Committee members;
– election of the European members of the FIFA Executive Committee;
– election of the auditing body; amendment of the UEFA Statutes;
– consideration and taking of decisions on proposals;
– consideration of membership applications and the exclusion of a member association;
– decisions on the lifting or continuation of the suspension of a member association, Executive Committee member or a member of another body;
– consideration of proposals for the dismissal of an Executive Committee member or the UEFA Organs for the Administration of Justice;
– receipt and consideration of the FIFA Congress;
– receipt and consideration of the minutes of the previous Congress;
– bestowal of honorary membership.

An Extraordinary Congress may be convened by the UEFA Executive Committee, or at the written request of one fifth or more of the UEFA member associations, stating the items to be placed on the agenda.

Further details of the UEFA Congress can be found in Articles 12 to 20 of the Statutes of UEFA, 2012 edition. The XXXVI Ordinary UEFA Congress took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 22 March 2012.

The next Ordinary UEFA Congress will take place in London on 24 May 2013.

The venues for all of UEFA's Ordinary and Extraordinary Congresses since 1955 can be found here.

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Paris 2011

The XXXV Ordinary UEFA Congress took place in Paris, France on 22 March 2011, with senior representatives from UEFA’s 53 member national associations voting on a variety of issues on the agenda.

In addition to the address to delegates by UEFA President Michel Platini highlighting the past year’s activities within European football’s governing body, the Congress featured a series of elections – UEFA President, UEFA Executive Committee (seven members) and FIFA Executive Committee (one vice-president and one member). The chairmen of UEFA’s standing committees also reported on their respective committee’s work. Michel Platini was re-elected by acclamation as UEFA President for a second four-year term.

The Congress approved the reports of the UEFA President/Executive Committee and the UEFA administration for the 2009/10 period, as well as UEFA’s financial accounts for 2009/10, the strategic financial outlook until 2015/16 and the budget for the 2011/12 financial year.

Istanbul 2012

Istanbul will be the venue for the XXXVI Ordinary UEFA Congress in 2012.