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Top Executive Programme

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UEFA's Top Executive Programme (TEP) was created to actively support the presidents and general secretaries of all UEFA member associations in their efforts to further develop their game, their organisation and their business.

In a few short years TEP has already made a tangible difference to national associations. For example, TEP played an important role in satisfying the desire expressed by many associations to enlarge the European Championship final round from 16 to 24 nations in accordance with the increased number of UEFA members. This historic decision will help to develop the game across many associations, in sporting, social and financial terms.

The programme also produced impressive results by helping associations to earn themselves €35m-40m, thus far, on increased television-rights revenue. This result was achieved by providing quantitative data on the real values of those rights – which had never been done before on this scale. Another direct result of the TEP was the launch of the UEFA-adidas kit assistance scheme, aimed in particular at supporting the less privileged associations and saving six-figure sums.

The results are no coincidence. They originate from a clear fact-based and result-oriented strategy which started in 2005. The vision behind TEP is to support associations' top executives in their decision-making roles. This is done by providing them with highly relevant facts and figures via databases, and coaching them to use that information to further develop their game, their organisation ('good governance') and their business. The key success factors of the programme are fact-based ('know your top executives and their local context'), demand-driven ('we go where the associations take us'), result-oriented (rather than tool-oriented) and focus on development rather than education.

TEP also organises small discussion platforms (round tables) to listen to the needs and wishes of national associations as well as to give and receive feedback on results. This evidently entails discussion on the latest trends and developments in the world of football. Finally, TEP follow-up visits are conducted to some national associations, either upon their request or following changes in the association's leadership.

UEFA's Top Executive Programme is run by Marc Esselink under director Theodore Theodoridis.