Under-17 EURO schedule, TV coverage

The final tournament runs from 3–19 May as 16 teams compete for the title in the Republic of Ireland.


Group stage

Friday 3 May:
Group A
Czech Republic v Belgium: 13:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)
Republic of Ireland v Greece: 20:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV
Group B
Netherlands v Sweden: 18:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford) – stream
England v France: 20:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford) – stream

Saturday 4 May:
Group C
Iceland v Russia: 15:00, Home Farm FC (Dublin)
Hungary v Portugal: 20:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin) – TV
Group D
Spain v Austria: 17:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow) – TV
Germany v Italy: 19:30, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV

Monday 6 May:
Group A
Belgium v Greece: 18:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Republic of Ireland v Czech Republic: 20:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford) – TV
Group B
Netherlands v England: 16:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)
France v Sweden: 18:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – stream

Tuesday 7 May:
Group C
Iceland v Hungary: 13:00, Home Farm FC (Dublin)
Portugal v Russia: 16:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin) – TV
Group D
Italy v Austria: 20:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Spain v Germany: 20:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford) – TV

Thursday 9 May:
Group A
Belgium v Republic of Ireland: 20:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV
Greece v Czech Republic: 20:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow) – stream
Group B
France v Netherlands: 17:30, UCD Bowl (Dublin)
Sweden v England: 17:30, Home Farm FC (Dublin)

Friday 10 May:
Group C
Portugal v Iceland: 18:00, City Calling Stadium (Longford)
Russia v Hungary: 18:00, Regional Sports Centre (Waterford) – stream
Group D
Italy v Spain: 20:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin) – TV
Austria v Germany: 20:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow) – TV

  • Knockout phase

Sunday 12 May:
Quarter-final 1 or 2: 14:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV
Quarter-final 1 or 2: 20:00, Carlisle Grounds (Wicklow) – TV

Monday 13 May:
Quarter-final 3 or 4: 17:30, Tolka Park (Dublin)
Quarter-final 3 or 4: 20:00, UCD Bowl (Dublin) – TV

Thursday 16 May:
FIFA U-17 World Cup play-off: 13:00, Tolka Park (Dublin)
Semi-final: 17:30, UCD Bowl (Dublin) – TV
Semi-final: 20:00, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV

Sunday 19 May:
Final: 17:30, Tallaght Stadium (Dublin) – TV

  • Knockout system

Quarter-final 1: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B
Quarter-final 2: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A
Quarter-final 3: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D
Quarter-final 4: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C

Semi-final 1: Winner quarter-final 1 v Winner quarter-final 3
Semi-final 2: Winner quarter-final 2 v Winner quarter-final 4

FIFA U-17 World Cup play-off: The two losing quarter-finalists with the best records will take part in this game. The criteria are a) group position, b) group points, c) group goal difference, d) group goals scored, e) quarter-final result, f) overall disciplinary ranking, g) coefficient (as per qualifying round draw), h) drawing of losts

Final: Winner semi-final 1 v Winner semi-final  2