• Norway proud despite exit
    Norway proud despite exit
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    Semb Berge savours Norway’s unexpected tale
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    Norway revel in “big achievement”
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    Berget, Pedersen hail ‘unbelievable’ Norway win
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    Norway's Skullerud dreams of success in Israel
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    'Modern' Norway well set for future
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    Spain determined to retain trophy
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    Semb: This Norway team are better than '98 crop
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    Capuano relieved to preserve unbeaten run
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    Biton’s honour equal to Norwegian pride
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  • Håvard Nielsen & Elbasan Rashani (Norway)
    Håvard Nielsen & Elbasan Rashani (Norway)
  • Gustav Wikheim (Norway) & Ahed Azam (Israel)
    Gustav Wikheim (Norway) & Ahed Azam (Israel)
  • Marcus Pedersen, Stefan Strandberg & Håvard Nordtveit (Norway)
    Marcus Pedersen, Stefan Strandberg & Håvard Nordtveit (Norway)
  • Vegar Hedenstad (Norway)
    Vegar Hedenstad (Norway)
  • Markus Henriksen (Norway)
    Markus Henriksen (Norway)
  • Tor Ole Skullerud (Norway)
    Tor Ole Skullerud (Norway)
  • Fredrik Semb Berge (Norway)
    Fredrik Semb Berge (Norway)
  • Asier Illarramendi (Spain)
    Asier Illarramendi (Spain)
  • Valon Berisha (Norway) & Isco (Spain)
    Valon Berisha (Norway) & Isco (Spain)
  • Martín Montoya (Spain)
    Martín Montoya (Spain)
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Group 7

1Croatia Croatia817
2Slovakia Slovakia814
3Serbia Serbia813
4Norway Norway87
5Cyprus Cyprus86
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